Our team of experts can organize seminars and workshops for small and large groups for such topics

Valuation and finance

Statistical analysis

Real estate sector

  1. Individual valuation of residential, commercial and/or industrial estate.
  2. Business valuation.
  3. Movable asset valuation.
  4. Risk for the valuation of investment projects.
  1. Introduction to statistics for valuators.
  2. Machine learning application for valuation.
  3. Quantitative and qualitative market trend analysis approaches.
  4. Spatial-temporal modeling for urban growth simulation.
  1. Sustainable regional development for urban planning.
  2. Digital transformation of the real estate sector focus on PropTech.
  3. Ethics in real estate management and valuation.

Speakers: Valentas Gružauskas, Sabina Źróbek, Malgorzata Renigier-Biłozor, Ryszard Źróbek, Maurizio D´Amato.


  • Possibilities of applying artificial intelligence in developing real estate valuation tools
  • Determination of Real Estate Correction coefficients by Applying Machine Learning
  • Real estate valuation methodology based on the integration of machine learning and expert survey
  • Real estate valuation under uncertainty
  • Real estate valuation systems and legal issues
  • Automated valuation models for market analysis
  • Practices and errors of property appraisers
  • Overview of The Latest Development in TEGOVA, IVS, and RICS Real Estate Valuation Rules & Practices
  • Issues with capitalization rate, cyclical capitalization rate, and practical examples
  • Sustainability and Real Estate Appraisal
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