International seminar in France, ESPACE

International seminar in France, ESPACE

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  • 2022-03-17
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Valentas Gružauskas in 2022, March 15 was invited for an online seminar by ESPACE.

ESPACE (Study of Structures and Processes of Adaptation and Change in Space) is a CNRS laboratory with about 50 permanent staff and 40 contractual personnel. The laboratory is affiliated with two CNRS institutes, Humanities and Social Sciences (INSHS) and Ecology and Environment (INEE), and three universities: Avignon Université, Université Côte d’Azur (Nice), and Aix-Marseille Université. 

The main theme of the presentation was „Social computational science“, which is based on complexity economics. The presentation consisted of 4 sections:

  • The theoretical overview of how computer simulations can be applied to analyze various phenomena from a systematic perspective. Traditional economic theory states that there can be an equilibrium between demand and supply, however complexity economics means that the environment is constantly changing, thus different analysis approaches must be applied. Several case examples were presented to show the application possibilities.
  • Urban logistics simulation was presented, which focused on food delivery to end-consumers and identified how to improve route scheduling based on traffic congestions and food quality.
  • A deep learning application for areal image analysis was presented, which allows to analyze and determine urban growth trends by recognizing objects on country level images.
  • The support tool for real estate was presented, which currently is being developed by Market Trend Valuation Center. The tool demonstration consisted of main functionally such as price interval estimation, similar transaction recommendations, and market indicators.
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