For real estate or business valuation it is important to understand the market from a macro level perspective and to consider similar objects from a micro level perspective. For instance, when valuating a business, it is essential to take into consideration industrial trends in which the company is operating in. When analysing residential real estate, it is important to understand the mortgage situation in the market. To provide guidelines and various indicators for valuators we are focusing on the main 5 topics.

In this section you can find scientific publications related to valuation. Our team of experts are constantly learning and analysing the newest published publications and are continously conducting reaserch, thus relative sources are presented in this section.

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Our team during their work has noticed that valuators often incorecttly interpret the provided material, thus a case example of the proposed method is provided, which can be used as reference for their work.

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Not all market trends can be quantified, thus qualitative analysis is also an important aspect to consider when valuating. This section provides periodically surveys and reports, which presents various indicators for valuators.

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This section provides data sources and our own developed indicators, which can be used during valuation. before using the data in your own work, please read the privacy & policy section, since not all data can be used for comercial reasons without permision.

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This section provides market trend analysis, which focuses on demand and supply of real estate, real estate price, market and financial risk and so on.

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