Market Trend Valuation Center has published the 2021 survey results

Market Trend Valuation Center has published the 2021 survey results

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  • 2022-01-22
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One of the main activities of the Market Trend Valuation Center is to develop methodological documents for property and business valuation. One of such documents being prepared is expert surveys, which have been conducted by considering the requirements and recommendations published by AVNT “On the Application of the Expert Assessment Method”, 25/10/2016.

The reports of the surveys have been prepared for three main evaluation cases:

  1. The adjustment coefficients for real estate when applying comparative method. Correction coefficients have been set for different types of assets: residential, administrative, industrial, warehousing and commercial, as well as for calculating the value of land plots for various purposes.
  2. Coefficients of influence of additional risk factors when valuing commercial real estate using the income method.
  3. Coefficients of influence of non-systemic (specific) risk factors in business evaluation.

We thank the active experts of the market who took the time to respond to the questionnaires. A total of 298 respondents participated in all 5 surveys.

The influence of some factors influencing the value of assets cannot be explained on the basis of quantitative indicators. Therefore, we believe that the results of expert surveys will be an appropriate tool for appraisers to make property and business valuations.

It is planned to publish a generalized electronic publication with the results of surveys, practical application examples, additional indicators calculated on the basis of quantitative data.

We plan to conduct these surveys periodically, so we expect the involvement and activity of experts in the market in the future.

Results of surveys 2021

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